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Claude Guillemain


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Experienced banker and consultant, with demonstrated experience in international relations, holding a number of senior positions with the French private commercial bank Crédit Agricole. In addition, worked for two years, on a part time basis, as a trainer with the CFPB (French Banking Training system for bank staff and executives).

Crédit Agricole technical assistance programmes manager.

Team leader of four long-term missions (Togo, Sultanate of Oman, Malawi, South Sudan).

Chairman of RBE : financial advisory services, finance and banking, microfinance, rural finance, SME development, guarantee funds, bank strategy and institution building, savings and credit policy, resources collection, training, general management, organisation, control and systems.

President at Provisional Government of Brittany

Consultancy work for the European Commission (PHARE, TACIS, MEDA), EBRD and World Bank, FAO, IFAD, Agence Française de Développement (AFD), DANIDA, GTZ, in a variety of countries including Central Europe, Mediterranean region, Asia, Middle East, Africa.

Senior Expert : Private Sector Support, SMEs development, Rural Finance and microfinance, Guarantee Funds (development, training and financial services) (consultancy, MEDA TEAMS Brussels)

Expert registered in the roster of EUROPEAID EU individual experts (decision on OJEC n° C 274 dated 26th September 2000).

Expert registered in the roster of CGAP

Relevant experience in working under Indefinite Delivery Contracts (Framework Contracts with European Commission): Lithuania, Romania (1996, 1997, 1998)

Specialties: 1. Financial advisory services

2. Finance and banking, Rural Finance and Micro – Finance

3. Capacity Building cum Institutional Strengthening of banks, financial institutions, Savings and Credit Mutual Banks, local governmental banks in transitional and developing economies.

4. Management and Development of Projects .

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